All Ouros garments are manufactured in very small workshops, often in a rented living room, across the city of Phnom Penh. As with all garment manufacture, there are certain tolerances we work within to keep our product uniform. Given the stretchy fabrics we use, measurements can often vary by up to 2cm from our standard.  The logo position and colour may also vary slightly from images 

Kimmy Pro Trainer leggings

  • The Kimmy-ProTrainer series exclusively feature our unique, rear 12cm waistband pocket designed specifically for your microphone pack with a plasticised inner lining to help prevent wicking of sweat on to sensitive electronic equipment. Our extreme heavyweight, 438gsm blend of 19% Lycra and 81% Polyester ensures the perfect mix of durability, functionality and comfort.   The trainer series carry our exclusive branding to distinguish from the standard pair.  “I wear mine for at least 10 hours a day while teaching classes – perfect for my job as a trainer."

  • Pictured here with Pippa crop top