Our Story

Peak - Performance - Passion

Hi there, we are Craig and Dan and we are co-founders of OUROS Sports & Activewear.

Both originally from the UK, Dan has spent the last 6 years living in a Phnom Penh suburb as the only westerner for miles which puts him in a privileged position of being exposed to the life and work of the indigenous community – their food – their language - their culture.  It also means he is fully aware of the many pitfalls surrounding these often down-trodden people.

Having Dan on the ground provides Ouros with a unique, local, perspective where he can directly approach small, cottage style manufacturers and can get to know the names of the machinists, their husbands and their children; and build a relationship of trust and friendship where he can eat and share a beer during downtime, and even be invited to weddings and birthday parties - all while putting something back to support the local community. 

Dan is responsible for working with the designers and ‘ideas people’ in the UK to turn the product designs from drawings, through fabric sourcing and manufacturing to dispatch and final delivery at our UK hub.

Craig has a wealth of experience working in various corporate environments and managing varied and often complex projects and product launches and is responsible for the business development, sales and marketing of the OUROS brand. 

Together, we hope you enjoy your products and as a small company we appreciate any feedback you wish to give as we rely on you to help us adapt, improve and evolve our range to continue to make a difference in the communities in which we operate.